Back in 1986, I created a comic character and started working on the pages not knowing a darn thing about comics. The character I created, Powerlord, was based on the idea of a living capacitor. Someone who could store energy and then discharge it. Sure there are a lot of characters out there like that; but this was based on what I was studying in college at the time, electrical engineering.

When I say I didn’t know a darn thing about comics I wasn’t kidding. The first pages were drafted on 9 1/2 by 12 inch paper. The industry standard is 11 by 17 inches. So already I was working in a size that would not translate well to comic pages. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I plugged away at it and penned out two stories.

Those two stories grew into five stories and a list of heroes and villains that were just a quirky as the main character. But I did it. If I had not then I would have never thought about doing other books like Fusion and Shifters.

So fast forward to 2012, my friend and co-artist/co-writer Garrett Gainey is thumbing through my stuff. You see I never really throw away my stories and art. He finds this comic, Powerlord. He reads through it and though dated, likes it. Of course he finds several other characters and stories he liked. He suggests we do a “Chick Comic” of Powerlord.

A “Chick Comic” is a small format developed by artist Jack Chick. Jack Chick is know for his evangelical fundamentalist Christian “Chick tracts.” A small Christian comic that he could mass produce at low cost and get the word of Jesus out to the public using sequential art.

It was a new idea and I liked it. Using the “Chick Tract” format we revamped the story of Powerlord and produced a twenty page comic that we could do low cost runs on. Shortly after we made them I realized how versatile the format was. Three pages of the “Chick Tract” would equal one 11 x 17 page. Also, the size of the format fit nicely on the view-screen of any smartphone. With that Powerlord was reborn into a new format and a slightly altered story.