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Why redheads are so hot.
by David Force

The Stereotype.
The redhead stereotype lends itself to some very appealing factors in a man's eyes. Redheads are considered hot lovers in bed. They are thought to be complete nymphomaniacs. They are willing to swing from the ceiling in the Jane outfit as you do you best Tarzan impression. Redheads are considered to be wild party girls. The party is on and the there is a redhead there, she's going to be the first naked. At least that is the hopes of a lot the guys there. This tends to make other women imitate a redhead, more physically than behaviorally. Women love attention and when the redhead takes most of it, they get jealous. They will change their hair color so that next weekend they will be the center of attention.

Being Exotic.
Redheads have an allure about them. They are fair skinned. A lot of times they have freckles. Teamed with the rarity of true redheads, means that redheads are often imitated by other women much like blondes are. To find a true redhead, where the carpet matches the roof, is the quest all redhead loving men strive for. So many false redheads to lead them astray. Land and bedding the true redhead is a challenge and a bragging right.

Violent personality.
A man loves a challenge, even if the challenge is harmful to his well being. Redheads have been notorious for being as feisty as the flame red hair on their heads. Stereotyping doesn't do much to quell this. Taming the wild beast and turning her into the docile girlfriend with the freak side is the ultimate goal for a man hunting a redhead. Much to their surprise, men often don't recognize the violent behavior as a woman's natural defense against men. By the time they realize this it's too late. The bank account is drained. She had told all her friends you are a terrible lover. Of course the latter is a defense mechanism successfully ending any chance of one of her friends conquering the lands she has left to waste.

Famous Redheads
Alyson Hannigan - Stab em' and slab emí redhead
Nicole Kidman - Moulin Rouge redhead
Rita Hayworth - Classic redhead
Julianne Moore - Hannibal wants to eat you redhead
Kelly Preston - Barbarino's redhead
Heather Graham - Rollergirl redhead
Geri Halliwell - Spicy redhead
Lindsay Lohan - Crash test redhead
Milla Jovovich - Foreign redhead
Laura Prepon - Back in the 70's we never had a redhead like this
Kim Cattrall - Mature ravenous redhead
Cynthia Nixon - Mature demure redhead
Gillian Anderson - Alien loving redhead
Claire Danes - Drama queen redhead
Molly Ringwald -Back in the 80's hotty redhead
Ginger Rogers - Dancing redhead
Deborah Kerr - The king's redhead
Jessica Rabbit - Kinky animal sex redhead

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